Tuesday, May 14, 2013

its finally over!

well its been fun (not really) but now off to do bigger and MUCH BETTER things! I will continue to make blogs MY WAY and hopefully update them on a regular bases. but for now so long, farewell, aufedersein, and good bye.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

more backgrounds!

i found THREE backgrounds that were hiding from me!

animatic update

having problems uploading my updated animatic. it just has the backgrounds and sounds i posted today but blogger is being a butt. i know i hardly have what i should but I'm still confident that it will be done on time!

sound and background progression!

i didnt do any lines or color this week. im trying to get the rest of my finals and reports done so i can devote the rest of my time to this piece later since this is the last full week. but i did some backgrounds and found most of the sound effects that will be in the piece. i couldnt figure out how to show the sound effects so i just put them in a quick video with the backgrounds that i did this week.

sound from eatmysocksoff on Vimeo.
sounds of:
monster cries
running in leaves
night ambiance

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

animatic update

animatic update from eatmysocksoff on Vimeo.

animatic upadte

Journal Question 4/23/2013

Q1: What is your priority list as of today, with two weeks before the deadline?

A: My number one priority is getting the lines and colors done! Then sound effects then music. I really think this piece can work without music but im going to try my best to incorporate music.

Q2: Which "babies are you prepared to kill", if necessary, in order to finish your film on time (May 7) and fit it within the 90 second - 2 minute time constraint - think of in-betweening, simplified color, and eliminating shots not integral to the story.

A: Man where to begin. My first baby that i would have to kill is other classes work. if i can't sacrifice the quality of some of my other projects i dont know if i can finish this piece.

Im not concerned with how long the piece will be so my time baby will be spared.

I already decided ahead of time that i was not going to add shadows and highlights (i was already way to ambitious about this piece and suffered for it) so my detailed baby will also be spared since the detail is in the backgrounds.

Im glad i decided to use paintings and photoshop for my backgrounds. i makes it easier for time and i dont have to redraw any backgrounds.

And lastly 'inking' quality. to be frank ive come to have flash. i tried in the beginning to make my inking look good but flash wants to disagree with me. So my inking quality baby has to die.

wow only 2 out of 5 babies are going to be killed in the making of the piece!